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Growing up as a pastor's kid Rose has grown up always hearing about Jesus. For Rose, trusting in Jesus as her savior has been a gradual and natural part of life. At a very young age she expressed to us that she had prayed and wanted to follow Jesus. Over the next two years we discipled her and asked her follow up questions to confirm her conversion, sincerity and understanding of the gospel. We wanted to make sure she had a true relationship with Christ and more than just a head knowledge. In the Summer of 2020 we were swimming in the river behind our church when Rose noticed something that no one should ever see. She found her brother, Philip, floating face down in the river. She quickly sprung into action pulling him up from the water and handing him to me (Dad). I quickly performed CPR on the river bank and was able to revive him and drive him into the emergency room 20 miles away. Rose quickly became a local hero. She had her name in the news paper and received awards from the fire department and county emergency management. One month later we were holding a baptism service in that same river for a sister church. Rose expressed that she was ready to be baptized and didn't want that scary incident to keep her from doing what God wanted her to do. She frequently uses Philip's drowning in the river to explain salvation and baptism. She says, "it's an example of being dead in our sins, having our sins washed away, then being raised up in a new life".

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